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Identical Test Series Regular

In this test series the students will do their preparation for the Engineering / Medical Entrance Examination with a focus on JEE (Mains & Advanced)/AIPMT. The student will come prepared for the test and will be followed by a thorough discussion of 3 hrs in which all questions of the test will be discussed in detail. This test analysis session is the key to this programme, wherein, the students strengths and weaknesses are highlighted helping the student to consolidate his/her preparation.

Identical Test Series is designed exclusively for those students who have prepared well for the examination but are in need of practice and rehearsals. It is meticulously designed series of total 22 Test Papers . Identical Test Series is a most suitable tool to test your skills as: It is an innovative creation of highly experienced former IIT lecturers and JEE/PMT Top Rankers, It is a mirror image of JEE/PMT and conducted in identical environment, It helps you to compare your performance against thousands of dedicated IIT aspirants. It is a meticulous diagnostic exercise for IIT aspirants, that helps in tracing out your flaws and enhancing your strength in the preparatory module. Identical Test Series make you so thorough and concrete with your basics & fundamentals that JEE/PMT seems like a piece of cake for you. ITS also helps immensely in eliminating the JEE/PMT phobia. A very conducive exercise and considered must for every IIT/PMT aspirant. At you will find a very powerful system that can help you unfold your full potential, systematically. What is required is your total dedication and hard work.

17 JEE Main Test Papers (Offline) 61 hours
5 JEE Advanced Test Papers (offline) 30 hours
Disucssion of JEE Mains & Advanced Papers 9 hours

A package of 100 hours, normal fee Rs. 6000/-. For student having above 80% PCM/SME in XII/X board pay Rs. 2000/- only The sole purpose of ITS is to help you unfold your full potential, systematically. A blend of your dedication and hard work, with our dexterous efforts is all that is required to achieve flawless preparation for JEE/PMT.